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Performance Optimization for your website… with Security

Did you know that our BlackShield service offers website performance enhancements through its -built in- CDN (Content Delivery Network)?


BlackShield combines website security and performance improvements as an easy add-on to your website.

Normally increased website security tends to result in worse site performance and as a result… worse user experience. That is not the case with BlackShield. In addition to upgraded protection, you can expect your site to see performance improvements of up to 70%! Improving site performance also tends to result in higher customer satisfaction, more page views, better conversions, and less people abandoning your site as opposed to a site with poor performance.



How Do We Make Your Site Faster?

Our team is passionate about performance. We use multiple techniques to make your site faster.





These are some of the key elements of our solution:

  • High Performance Global Anycast Network: Multiple points of presence in North American (East coast, Central and West coast), European (UK and Germany) and Asian (Japan) locations.
  • Smart Caching: We speed up your site with several levels of caching that are all built in to the service.
  • One-click HTTP/2 Support: Newer protocol that has fewer requests, smaller responses, fewer TCP connections, and faster page load times.
  • One-click GZIP Support: GZIP compresses your site so it uses less data and loads faster.
  • Highly optimized configuration: BlackShield has fine-tuned the settings to give you maximum performance and protection. 



BlackShield is available to anyone that has a website with any web hosting company.

You can sign up for BlackShield as a standalone service, available both in a monthly pay-as-you-go cleanup option, or a discounted annual option that includes a free malware cleanup every year.

You can also get BlackShield in one of our secure web hosting packages that bundles a hosting plan and BlackShield for a discounted. Upgrading your existing hosting plan or sign up for a new Secure Hosting Plan today.

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