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SSLs Are No Longer Optional

On July 1, 2018, Chrome 68 began labelling all websites without SSL as ‘Not Secure’.


For sites that use HTTPS







For HTTP only sites







Why Google?

As an industry leader, Google often sets trends for website security and browser interaction. This shift to SSL enabled websites being listed as ‘Secure’ will more than likely be followed by other leading web browsers. Once your website has SSL enabled you will not have to address the SSL requirements for other browsers. Other browsers will read your site as secure once SSL in added to your website.


Your website will reap these benefits regardless of the browser being used to view your site.



Why SSL?

• A more secure user experience and increased user trust – People know the site is secure when they get a green address bar with a padlock, and are more likely to trust the site with their information (source).

• User privacy protection – SSL encrypts the connection, allowing the communication between client and server to be private (source).

• Increased conversions – Users are worried about the security risks associated with visiting a website. An indication of security establishes trust. Users are more likely to give information (such as credit card numbers) to a secure site (source).

• Search ranking boosts – Google is placing HTTPS URLs above what would otherwise be an equal search result (source).


The benefits to adding SSL are many, but so are the negatives to not having one. To avoid losing potential customers and make sure your website is ‘Secure’. SSLs are no longer optional.

By BlackSun