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Ransomware Recovery

BackupStuff gets you back to work fast when ransomware hits.


Be ready for ransomware:
Plan for the inevitable by deploying automatic, continuous backup to every user.


Roll back the clock:
Restore user productivity by recovering data to within minutes of the attack.


Save time and money:
Join the ranks of customers who’ve saved more than $50,000 in recovery costs.



Endpoint Backup + Restore

Recover end user data in real time with the tool used by more than 47,000 organizations worldwide.


All backups are fully encrypted while at rest on our servers. 


Remove human error:
Automatically protect endpoint data—no user intervention required.


Return users to work fast:
Recover lost or deleted files in a few easy clicks. 


Recover 1 or 1,000 files:

Get back up and running fast—whether you need to recover one file, one folder, or the whole device.


Follows the tried and true 3-2-1 Backup Strategy:

With BackupStuff there are 3 copies of your data — Original, Backup (Alpha), and Offsite Backup(Bravo)

At least 2 different storage types: Your Original Device, and Our Cloud

At least 1 Offsite BackUp (Bravo)



Device Migration

Make moving end-user data simple and lightning-fast.


New device? No problem:
Move end-users to a new device without ever slowing them down.


Support distributed workers:
Give remote users self-service migration capabilities to refresh their own devices.


End migration downtime:
Protect productivity during migration by giving users full use of their devices while data restores.



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