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Clean & Repair Hacked Websites

Remove malware from any website, guaranteed.

Your website has been compromised. Right now your visitors – and reputation – are at stake. You’re worried about the cost and time it’s going to take to clean this up. That’s when you need help from people you can count on.

BlackShield gets you up and running fast. We’ll make sure your site is cleaned, and give you peace of mind that the infection is gone.

You have to do your part too, by changing passwords as well as other post-cleanup recommendations. When our team manually verifies that your website is clean, we remove it from any blacklists and provide you with all of the steps you need to stay secure.

Attack & Hack Prevention

A cloud-based WAF/IPS solution designed to stop hacks and attacks.

Most website hacks come from insecure code being exploited. The attack vector is hidden within the millions of lines of code that make up your website. When a security flaw becomes known, all vulnerable websites can be compromised within a very short time frame. You need lightning reflexes and robust defences to prevent hackers from infecting your website. By taking away the methods used to crack your insecure code, the malware author’s attempts become useless. Eliminate all website security vulnerabilities and replace them with a blocking page for anyone who dares to exploit them.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and alerting of any security-related issues.

The threat of infection or a security incident is constant. If you don’t know what is happening, how can you appropriately respond? The idea of a website or environment that is immune from security issues is false. The ability to detect when incidents occur is fundamental to the establishment of a good security posture for your website. BlackShield¬†provides continuous monitoring of your website. Providing immediate alerts in the event of a security incident.

Performance Optimization

Performance via a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

On average, page load times increase by 70%. The platform requires no installation. You can activate it with a simple DNS change, or our team can do it for you.

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