Shared vs Dedicated Hosting

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You do not have a website yet? And you are unfamiliar with the terminology of shared hosting and dedicated hosting, besides you are not sure which one is the right for your business. By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding of what these services provide, and you will be able to make the best decision regarding which option suits you better, where and how to host your website.

Even though shared and dedicated hosting serve the same purpose, there are significant differences between the two. When you are making the decision about which option is best for you, it is important to understand these differences. Now we are ready to start!

What is Shared Hosting?


Shared hosting works by hosting multiple websites on one same server, each having its own domain name. Hundreds of websites can be hosted on a single server, which creates advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Shared Hosting


  •       Low cost
  •       Low technical skills required

Shared hosting is the most economic option for webmasters. This is because you are sharing the server with other websites. Some people have compared shared hosting to a public bus system, it is an inexpensive service because you share resources with other users. You also have the option to pay more anytime to upgrade to allow greater resources. This makes it a less expensive option, which may make sense if you are on a limited budget.

Another pro is that this option requires little technical skills. Shared hosting plans come with a control panel to facilitate website management. All issues like maintenance and security are handled by your web hosting provider, for this reason, it is important that you choose the correct web hosting provider, not always the cheapest is the one that best supports your requirements.

The Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:


  •       Shared server resources
  •       Higher security risks

Despite there are important advantages, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. The most obvious limitation is the collective sharing of processing memory, disk space, power, and other resources housed on a server. This may slow down your site. You may have into account that there are some professional hosting companies who provide more than enough resources to accommodate their users. These companies are also efficient in moderating highly traffic websites and suggest growing websites to move to higher hosting services that provide additional bandwidth. BlackSun offers fast and reliable shared hosting plans, from 25 GB storage to 1 TB storage. Get more information about BlackSun shared hosting plans.

There is also a security risk, when having your website on shared hosting you are more susceptible to security threats, for the simple reason that other sites are using the same server as you.

Who Uses Shared Hosting:


            Shared hosting is usually best suited for people who are just starting, small businesses, bloggers, personal projects and even medium-sized business can benefit from this service. Keep in mind that you can migrate your website from one hosting environment to another, it is an easy process and does not reduce your site’s efficiency.

Differences between shared and dedicated hosting

What is Dedicated Hosting?


Dedicated hosting means that your website is hosted on a single server that is dedicated only to your site. The website performance is significantly better since all the server resources are allocated to your site.  However, it requires more knowledge to maintain it and comes at a higher cost.

The Advantages of Dedicated Hosting


  •       Total utilization of server sources
  •       Higher security
  •       Ability to customize

With a dedicated hosting solution, there are no shared servers involved. Which means that the performance of the site is much better. If you expect to have a high volume of traffic, a dedicated server maybe your best option. Performance is something to give careful consideration, from it depends on your reputation and your search performance.  

Besides, no other user could expose your website to cyber attacks. You are in a position to implement stronger security measures to suit your needs. This will reduce the potential of attacks and makes your site less susceptible.

Finally, by having a dedicated hosting, you have a higher level of control. This gives you the ability to add extensive customization. It also gives you root access to modify software codes. Server configuration is generally more valued when a website needs a special application.

The Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting:


  •   High cost
  •   The requirement of technical knowledge

Some have compared dedicated hosting to renting your own car, rather than taking the bus. You have more control of your car; you decide where you take it and how fast it goes. However, it also comes at a higher cost and requires more knowledge to maintain it. Usually, a website that drives the traffic to require a dedicated server resource is profitable enough to afford dedicated hosting.

Another con is that it requires a high lever log technical knowledge to put it to full use. If you have a lacking technical skill you can run into trouble, but you can always have the option to hire a server admin.


 Who Uses Dedicated Hosting:


Dedicated hosting is best for a business who requires highly specialized need and very high bandwidth. Also, for companies who drive a lot of traffic to the site and companies with lots of valuable data who would want to invest in a higher level of security.

What Is the Best Option For Your Business?


Choosing the right web hosting plan can save you time and money. If you do not need a lot of resources such as bandwidth, memory or control, save your money and go for shared hosting. Nevertheless, if your website requires a lot of server resources and you have the knowledge or the team who can efficiently manage the server, go for dedicated hosting.


In case you have questions, do not hesitate to ask for a consultation with our team of experts. We will be happy to resolve your inquiries. BlackSun Web Hosting Made Easy!

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