When Should You Use Cloud Hosting?

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If you have ever looked into hosting a website, you probably came across the term cloud hosting. The cloud allows you to store your data safely with minimal downtime. Cloud hosting is a premium hosting choice that offers high levels of performance, security, and unlimited scalability.

Some Advantages of Cloud Hosting:


Storing a company’s data in the cloud generally gives you heightened security against malicious activity, accidental loss and even from situations such as earthquakes, fire, and floods. Additionally, when using a cloud hosting provider, overall data protection is handled by experienced engineers. They install interconnected security tools, can scale resources as needed and may offer additional layers of security and connectivity.

Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud service options range from basic cloud packages to fully managed custom cloud solutions designed to meet specific needs and dedicated to just one user. When the time comes and your business grows, users can scale their cloud service plans to include more storage, more applications, and more services. Most cloud services offer a menu of “pay as you go” service, these clients can add new functions as needed without commitment. And these plans can be upgraded and downgraded, users only pay for the services they need at any time.

Data Backups

When you have a cloud solution you have the availability to have backups ready and waiting in the event of emergency dependent on the provider. Data backups are automated and usually take place daily. You do not have to worry about creating a copy of your data anymore.

Who Should Use Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a flexible web hosting solution. There are companies that demand high performance and 100% uptime such as Netflix and they use cloud hosting. Its flexibility allows everyone to choose the cloud hosting level that most fit their needs, from individuals that have blogs to enterprise organizations with multiple cloud applications.

Cloud hosting is great for those who are getting a decent level of traffic spikes. It allows customers to define the performance they need at any given moment, without the need for a complete server replacement. You can decrease or increase the performance of cloud hosting processors, disk space or memory capacity. And the users only pay for what they have used.

Depending on the provider you choose you may need varying levels of technical expertise. At BlackSun you will have access to our cloud hosting team of experts that will get you started. BlackSun stands out for the support we provide; we are on hand to answer any questions and to solve any problems that you might come across. Visit Cloud Hosting Services page to learn more.

Cloud Hosting Isn’t Perfect for Every Kind of Website.

Let’s say your current site is running on a shared hosting and you never have had issues, like exceeding the limits of your service or slow website performance, you will probably keep your shared hosting. If your site doesn’t receive more than 100,000 visitors per month, you probably don’t need to upgrade to VPS hosting. If you wish to know more, you can read this article: Why Is Cloud Hosting Better Than Standard Hosting.

Nevertheless, if your website has higher traffic, you probably may consider upgrading to a cloud hosting environment. One of its most significant advantages is the business model. Contrasting with conventional hosting, the user does not pay a fixed price every month, but the total varies according to usage. For instance, if you are considering running a promotion for two weeks and you are expecting to have 4 times the traffic that you usually have, you will need a hosting environment that can handle this without running into any issues, plus you will want to pay for the service used instead of paying a fixed price.

BlackSun offers VPS cloud hosting infrastructure and uses the latest technology and best practices. All our accounts are fully scalable and feature extensive security measures to keep your data safe. In case you have questions, do not hesitate to ask for a consultation with our team of hosting experts. We will be happy to resolve your inquiries.

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