Why Is Cloud Hosting Better Than Standard Hosting?

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For your business, the website is everything. It can provide a good image for your company and products/services, but if it is down, your business can be majorly affected. There are several web hosting companies that can provide different types of hosting for your website. These options vary from virtual private servers (VPS) to standard hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

The difference between shared and cloud hosting lies in how each is organized. With traditional hosting, you have a single server that contains all your website’s files. When a user visits your website, these files are then served up from that single physical server. While in a cloud hosting setup, your site’s resources can be drawn from multiple different virtual server environments. If you want to deep digger into what is cloud hosting, we invite you to read this article What Is Cloud Hosting?

As may you know cloud hosting is a way of hosting websites by spreading data over several machines rather than a single server. Users manage their data by using a “virtual machine” that access the various servers in the cloud. Now, when comparing a cloud server vs dedicated server, a notable difference is that cloud hosting accesses the computing power and services of multiple machines.

What Does Cloud Hosting Do Different?

The uniqueness of cloud hosting is that it works without equipment. Unlike the traditional form of hosting linked to physical servers. Processes are filtered through central software and redirected to appropriate hardware. Even though the resources are immaterial, it allows customers to define the performance they need at any given moment, without the need for a complete server replacement. It can decrease or increase the performance of its processors, disk space or memory capacity. And the users only have to pay what they have used.

The things mentioned above make the cloud more flexible and cheaper when compared with other servers’ solutions. Instead of having to sign up for an annual subscription where you don’t know if you are going to use the resources you paid for, in cloud hosting, you pay for the resources you use and you can increase them anytime, like during the peak of traffic.


When looking at a traditional server environment your website’s files are stored in a specific physical server location. While with cloud hosting, your site’s, files are distributed and take up multiple virtual server locations that are associated with physical servers.

Cloud hosting has an additional layer of security. Clients have their physical security measures to protect the physical datacenter from being hacked, a layer of security on the physical server itself and finally, with cloud hosting you have an additional layer of security that protects the virtual network and isolates your cloud hosting environment.

Why is Cloud Hosting So Interesting?

Cloud hosting has many benefits, such as internet connection that makes it accessible from anywhere. Thanks to a simple connection to the internet, the data is continually updated. A contract with a supplier is enough to add applications or increase its storage and memory capacity.

It also offers excellent security operation. It is an excellent choice for hosting a website where its essential needs are related to memory capacity and support high levels of traffic. One of its most significant advantages is the business model. Contrasting with conventional hosting, the user does not pay a fixed price every month, but the total varies according to usage.

Wrapping It UP!

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