WordPress Premium, Is It Worth It?

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Today, many small businesses are creating their first website. Often, they are asking what is WordPress Premium?  WordPress Premium provides much better features, customization options and quality support. To fully customize a site’s functions, appearance, and performance, you will need a set of plugins. These are independent pieces of code that can be installed to any WordPress website to meet your specific needs.

Nowadays, there are over 57,000 plugins to choose from. With so many options, selecting the right ones for your WordPress site can be overwhelming. If you feel that you are not ready to install plugins and you are not sure what you need. No problem! When you sign up for WordPress Premium at BlackSun, you automatically get access to the most popular powerful, and functional WordPress features available via Jetpack.

Having the right set of WordPress plugins and tools can help you grow your online business.

How to get your site to do all the cool things you want it to do?

Perhaps, you are wondering how to add social sharing buttons, how to add your Google Analytics tracking code or how to make it easier to optimize your blog post for search. The answer to all of that is to install WordPress Plugins. There are plugins for almost everything you can imagine and most of these plugins fall into one of the following categories.

Security and safety:

Using a WordPress security plugin protects your WordPress site from malware and hacking attempts. As you may know, a security breach on your website can cause some serious damage to your business. There are plugins that can back up your site, protect against hacking, protect from spam and add firewalls. At BlackSun we include in our WordPress Premium package daily backups, SSL certificate, virus scanner, a dual firewall and much more to secure your WordPress site.

Social sharing, marketing and SEO plugins:

SEO plugins allow people to easily optimize certain elements of a website’s code and structure to optimize the site for searchability and sharing on social media. Monitor that your site is optimized for search engines with WordPress essential SEO tools, all without the hassles of plugin installation and maintenance.

Content management:

WordPress comes with tools for creating and publishing a variety of content. However, specialized plugins can make your workflow more efficient. Make sure your WordPress provider offers all the tools to make your life easier.

Website performance:

Plugins can help you to optimize images, provide better user experience and speed up your website. It is also important that you measure your site’s performance with stats. At BlackSun we offer you Webalizer Visitor Statistics where you can see how many visitors you get, the most popular pages, how visitors reached your site, what countries your visitors are from and much more. The results are presented in charts and graphics and are displayed by hour, month or by year.

WordPress Premium Hosting

In the following image, you can find all WordPress Premium Hosting levels that BlackSun offers. If you make the decision to host your site at BlackSun, the process is very simple, and our WordPress experts will help you out with all you need.

Wrapping It Up

Although WordPress is free, a web hosting plan and a domain name is required which are available through BlackSun. You can typically find themes and plugins for free. However, many themes do not offer extra features like creating buttons, using shortcodes and create landing pages, among others. While WordPress Premium provides much better features, customization options and quality support. Many WordPress users that do not have WordPress Premium end up paying for additional services. If you are wondering how WordPress can help you to build your first website, we invite you to read WordPress, What Does It Do For You?

Whatever your industry is, WordPress will help you with endless functionalities to have the website you have imagined. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask for a consultation with our team of WordPress experts. We will be happy to resolve your inquiries.

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